Clarity of information

is a prerequisite for unambiguousness in analysis, interpretation and assessment. Clarity is therefore the criterion that determines the value of our services to our clients. As a full-service company with a broad background of experience, we have concentrated on projects to assist in new product development, customer satisfaction and quality management:

  • for the consumer goods and raw materials industries,
  • for pharmaceutical companies
  • for the service and retail industries
  • for the consumer durables industry, and
  • for the media.

Our task

We regard it as our job to provide all the information our clients need in order to make well-founded decisions throughout the product development and marketing process:

  • understanding the attitudes and behaviour of their target groups,
  • knowing what benefits are expected,
  • responding appropriately to concrete product ideas and features,
  • assessing intended communication strategies, and
  • calculating the chances of success for different market strategies.

Our aim is

  • to focus problems using customised research approaches,
  • to collect reliable information using efficient methods and proven procedures,
  • to underpin results using tested statistical procedures
  • to issue clear recommendations based on a proper understanding of the market and the problems faced by developers and decision-makers..

In the spirit of Alfred Politz – our „spiritus rector“.